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We are an Introduction and Matchmaking Social Club Organizing Special Events Matchmaking Men with Single International Women for Relationship and Marriage.

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Dnipro  $ 2,975

(8 nights / 9 days)


Kiev + Dnipro  $ 3,475

(8 nights / 9 days)

Our Mission is to provide you with the most reliable, confidential, and highest quality service. You deserve to be happy and to find your true love. This is not a Dream … It’s a Dream Come True!

What you’ve heard about Ukrainian women is more than just a myth, and the research proves it. Ukraine has consistently been ranked among the top 10 countries in the world in terms of the beauty of their women. Yahoo Lifestyle & Dating did a research to reveal which countries are hiding the most beautiful “Ordinary” woman on the planet.

“Of all the countries I’ve visited in my life, Ukraine is my favorite. The most beautiful women I’ve ever seen live in Ukraine. They are physically beautiful, with a distinct facial structure. The tone of their skin is what I consider to be perfect. The most enticing thing about Ukrainian women is their mannerisms. They have an elegant way of doing everything. Every movement is graceful, and they move with purpose. Ukrainian women are so beautiful they make the trip to Ukraine especially enjoyable.” – Yahoo Lifestyle & Dating

Studies from The State Statistics Committee of Ukraine estimate that the country now has a deficit of almost 3.6 million men. Our goal is to bring like-minded people with beautiful hearts & minds together. We’ll do everything possible to create the best conditions as you embark on the adventure of a lifetime to find your 2nd half and soul mate. We strictly choose who we accept into our agency so we can help create long-term, happy and lasting relationships for marriage.

We believe in providing personal attention to our clients and we are committed to helping you succeed. We will strive to treat all of our clients with maximum attention, enthusiasm and care. Our staff will provide you with kind, attentive and reliable service so you can have the best experience and achieve the best results in finding your true love.

We take our match-making services very seriously because we feel this is one of the greatest decisions that you will ever make in your life – to start a relationship that leads to marriage, a life partnership, kids and family.

The foundation that you establish with your international bride will have a positive impact on your entire life. Robert Kawasaki reminds us in his books “that one of the most important aspects of finding success in life – depends on the person you wake up next to every day.”

We are committed to facilitating an inspirational, easy-going and fun experience for you to become acquainted with an international lady through our agency. We believe it’s important to meet ladies in real life – so you can see them with your own eyes, see their expressions, feel their energy, and hear their voices. That’s what makes it real. Come Find Someone Special With Us!

Our advice is for you to approach the Romance Tour as an Adventure of a Lifetime. You’ll experience a different way of dating and a different way of life. Always remember, you can be all grown up and still treasure, nurture and trust in that childlike ability to dream of all possibilities and to explore life to its fullest.

We can assure you that most women in Ukraine are not desperate to find foreign husbands or emigrate from Ukraine. Women living in Ukraine are typically well educated, attractive, and smart. They are seeking a genuinely compatible personality and a life-partner just like you are. The most important attribute for a Ukrainian woman is to find love, security, and start a family. You don’t have to be a millionaire, but it is important that you have a stable job. Love for a Ukrainian woman includes commitment – and she needs to feel that you are ready to offer this kind of commitment as well.

Henry David Thoreau once wrote “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” The best way to really meet someone is to sit across the table and see if you have real chemistry – because real chemistry can only happen face-to-face.  It is the most realistic way to meet the lady of your dreams. You don’t want to spend time writing letters via websites where often times the ladies are being impersonated by someone else and have no real intention of meeting you in real life. Most of the internet agencies want to keep you spending money in the virtual reality world as long as possible. So you have to be careful of the many scams that are out there.

With our agency you can stop saying I wish and start saying I will. Real live interaction with ladies is the best method if you are serious about developing a genuine relationship that leads to marriage.  We are transitioning into a global society and the process of meeting a lady overseas for marriage has become a more normal and standard option to consider. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. You will remember this experience, this journey, this adventure, for the rest of your life and you will never regret it.

So join the International Dating Revolution and Start Your Romance with US. We will do everything we can to exceed your expectations!

Our commitment is to limit the group tours to just 10 people so we can offer you the best personalized attention. We have a full-time dedicated office and staff in Dnipro, Ukraine so we can facilitate group tours once per month. Other tour companies have longer waiting periods between tours and try to maximize their group tour numbers, often times having as many as 25-35 men on a single tour. As you can imagine a lot of personal attention is lost in that environment.

All of the services we provide to the ladies are free of charge and we make sure that only interested women remain in our gallery and who attend our social functions. When we interview the ladies we make sure that they are interested in a serious relationship and are open to the idea of meeting a man from another country and moving abroad should they meet the right man.

We will make sure to invest our best efforts in qualifying all the facts being presented to us by both men and women. Our undivided goal is to protect both parties from any scams and untrustworthy situations. We want to make sure that everyone is presenting themselves honestly and admirably – so all you have to do is show up and focus on finding your true love while feeling that real chemistry with someone special.  Our commitment is to help you accomplish this goal!


“Let us meet each other with a smile, as the smile is the beginning of love, and true romance can only happen face to face.”


Individual Kiev & Dnipro Ukraine Tours:

You can travel to Kiev & Dnipro Ukraine with us and be certain that we’ll take great care of you during your entire trip, from the moment you arrive to the Airport to the moment you depart. We’ll do our best to make everything happen for you!