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Terms and Conditions

Reliability of Ladies Profiles

The ladies profiles are provided to assist you in having a visual reference point of the ladies who have joined our agency. These are real women and we strive to show them courtesy, respect, and appreciation for being part of our agency. We will ask you to provide a list of ladies that you feel best represents your desired life-partner.


During our pre-tour interviews with you we will discuss why you selected the ladies that you have so we can learn more about the type of lady you’re interested to meet. From that conversation, we will contact all of the ladies on your list and notify them of your interest in meeting them. Before each social we confirm with the ladies that their status has not changed, that they are still single and looking for a life partner. We also require that all ladies notify us right away when their status has changed so we can have their profile pictures taken down from our agency site.

Various Dating and Organized Events

The costs for room & board, your translator/personal-assistant and dates with the ladies are included in the 8-night / 9-day package.


All of our clients stay together at the same apartment building complex called “Moct-Citi..” This shopping center and entertainment complex is located in the city center; making dating and sightseeing options easily accessible (within walking distance in most cases.) Every modern apartment we offer will have free WiFi, living room, bedroom, bath, kitchen, TV(s), and more…


We will provide you with ground transportation from the airport to the apartment building “Moct-Citi” Complex and back to the airport on the last day of the Romance & Adventure Tour. Your translator/personal-assistant can help coordinate any additional transportation you might require. Taxi and other transportation services that you may request during the week are readily available and quite cheap.
If you elect to stay longer we can assist you to arrange your extended stay at the “Moct-Citi” Complex and any additional transportation or translation/personal assistant requirements – but those extra days and any translation support or transportation are not included in the base cost of the tour.
*We Do Not Provide Air Transportation because the cost and flight routes vary depending on your departure city and country of origin. But we are experts in researching all of the best route options depending on your departure city and/or country of origin. So please speak to us in this regard and we will be happy to assist you in making the best possible arrangements, best routing options, and at the best possible price. When making your flight arrangements please keep in mind the destination airport is Dnipro, Ukraine (aka Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine.) The airport code is DNK.

Assigned Translator / Personal Assistant / Tour Guide

You will have a translator/personal assistant/tour guide assigned to you. She is hired by our agency and she will work with you from the day you arrive to Ukraine to the day you depart after the Romance & Adventure Tour has finished. Please be kind and tip your translators at the end of the week if they provided you with an excellent service. It is customary to leave a tip anywhere from $50 to $150 depending on your generosity and financial resources. If you want to hire your translator to help you continue your relationship with your new-found love, they are available to work with you based on your needs after the Romance & Adventure Tour has concluded.

Consulting Support during the Romance & Adventure Tours

Expert matchmaking help is available around the clock during your tour. You will have access to expert feedback on your dating experiences in real time and our staff will be happy to guide you every step of the way. You should always feel comfortable in speaking to us about any questions or concerns you may have.

Deposits and Refunds

Upon receipt of the $475 (non-refundable) deposit you will be sent a blank profile-form which you will need to complete and return it to us along with 4-5 current photos. The deposit is not-refundable, but it can be used as credit towards any of our trips in the future within the next 12 months. Any other money paid toward a specific trip will be refunded upon written request if made 35-Days prior to the departure date.
Refund requests made within 25 to 34 days of the tour start date will be charged a $750 fee. Tour fees are non-refundable 24 days or less from the tour start date, but all of the money you’ve paid can be used as a credit towards a future tour date within a 12 month period. The value of the money paid for the tour expires 12 months from your original scheduled tour date. The confirmation of refund requests will be provided by email and refunds will be mailed to you by company check within 30-days after approval.

Tour Discounts for Returning Clients

If you have participated as a full-price paid customer on a previous Romance & Adventure Tour you will be eligible for a 25% discount on any subsequent trips you would like to take with Int’l Romance & Adventure LLC.

Refer-a-Friend Commission

If you refer-a-friend to Int’l Romance & Adventure LLC and they become a Romance & Adventure Tour client, then we will send you $200 commission check upon their successful return from a fully paid/full-price trip.

Limited Liability

Int’l Romance & Adventure LLC accepts no other liabilities other than to deliver the services indicated above and no monetary liability beyond the actual amounts received from any individual client.

Individual Kiev & Dnipro Ukraine Tours:

You can travel to Kiev & Dnipro Ukraine with us and be certain that we’ll take great care of you during your entire trip, from the moment you arrive to the Airport to the moment you depart. We’ll do our best to make everything happen for you!